Looking for ESL tournament team for NA Qualification round 2 Xbox One


Hello. I am looking for 4 people to form a team with for the second qualification round of the ESL Proving Grounds tournament. I personally will be playing support class. Obviously, I then need an Assault,Trapper,Medic, and Monster. Please be mic players and willing/able to play Saturday,May 2/2015 to familiarize ourselves with one another. Please be prepared by going to the following link and making sure you match the criteria needed to be in the competition http://play.eslgaming.com/evolve/xbox/evolve-one/major/proving-grounds/faq/. Also, please be completely able to make the trip to California, should we pass the qualification rounds. Message me at my gamertag posted below if interested. Thank you.
My GT: CursdFoxCodeman