Looking for easy recipes


He guys, I’m a meager student trying to survive my first year away from my parents and I really really need some advice on food. I’m looking for something healthy-ish thats easy to make with the kind of ingredients a lone student would actually have. I have tried googling around, but I figured asking actual people who probably went through this part of life already might provide some insight. The prospect of having to survive on canned tuna and ramen noodles for the rest of the year is starting to get me down. My limitation is that I only have one very small pan, a microwave and a blender, so I can’t really do anything that requires an oven. Please share with me all of your knowledges


Saves my life.


Cockaleeky soup! Consists of chicken, leek, onion, potatoes- that’s the primary ingredients. You can add carrots and the like if you want. Basically, boil the the veggies until soft, in the water. You’re gonna wanna actually boil the water and add chicken stock flavouring to it. meanwhile, make sure your chicken is cooked off, dice it, and put it into the soup, let the soup simmer and you’re pretty much all set. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell, if you want, you can practically do the same thing with veggie soup, drain the water off after you’ve boiled all the veggies, and shove it in a blender. More creamier that way :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, one of my lazy recipes is pasta (not straight) with baked beans. Surprisingly tasty.


Those tiny microwaveable pizzas are life savers.


This ^^

Frozen pizzas are just generally a life saver. Don’t eat too much though…

#####I know yea want to!


I don’t know what your budget is like, but I went for bulk potential (make a lot and freeze it) when I was at uni. I did have an oven and more pans though. I’d definitely recommend trying to get another pan if you can :wink:

Vegetables are always cheaper than meat, though throwing in some fish regularly is a good way to keep protein up. Baked potatoes are awesome and go well with tuna and cheese

Anyway. “Bolognaise”. Garlic, Onion, carrot all fried together for like 10 minutes, then other veg you like to bulk it out (I go broccoli and bell peppers, some things like mushrooms are great but poor value per kg). Once softened add a can of tomatoes, plenty of salt and pepper, and a touch of sugar to take the tartness of the tomatoes away. Get some cheap pasta (doesn’t have to be spaghetti). Voila, this should do you two or three portions which can be fridge/freezed for later in the week.

You can add meat to this pretty easily, I’d always recommend buying large packs and taking the upfront hit in cost and portioning it out in to ~200g portions to put in a freezer for future meals. You’ll save money in the long run, but it’s important to portion it as soon as you’ve bought it.

I personally lived off of a lot of chicken curry. Cheap curry sauce on to some fried diced chicken, with a packet of microwavable savoury rice. But this isn’t the cheapest option.

Stir fry is always awesome. Check out if there are any chinese supermarkets or chinese food suppliers around. You can get absolutely crazy value sauces, massive bottles and cans of the stuff for a fraction of the price you’d buy in a normal shop and tbh more tasty. Yellowbean sauce is the base of many a chinese dish, but personally we buy XO sauce in a large jar. A couple of tablespoons of this in a stir fry is awesome.


Make pretend pizza!
Use the ends of a bread loaf as the base, tomato puree, slice some cheese, onion, whatever, throw the cheese and toppings into a bowl, put in microwave for about a minute, take it out at 30s, stir, put it back in for the remaining 30 seconds, make sure the puree is on the toasted bread now, and pour the topping on. :smiley:


Make sure to stock up on Ramen aswell…

Never without…


Oh, and I assume you’re living with other people? If you can try and organise a couple of days a week where you and others take on food making duties. Like I said above, buying in bulk is always more cost effective so if you can get a couple of days a week where you all eat something one person has made (do it on rotation and no-one has to feel like they’re being taken advantage of) then it’ll be cheaper all round


A microwave is all you need. : D


You can also try homemade noodles, they are pretty easy.
All you do is to buy the package and add boiling water for 5 minutes. Homemade enough.

On a more serious note you could try Cheese Sandwiches, they are pretty cheap and easy to make.
Just put a pan on a plate and put it to a tick lower than max heat, play a song while you wait and then put the bread on.
Play another song and then flip them and put on some ketchup and two slices of cheese (and ham if you can afford that) and then play another song or two and you are done.
No butter on the pan required.

Yes, I’m using songs as a measurement of time, because I am not going to stare at a pan for 12 minutes.

Also, it’s probably obvious, but in general remember to use the pan over the microwave when possible.
Microwaves tend to mess up the flavor.


Now you say it, ham and cheese toasties were important in my daily life


Why do you have the pan with no stove/oven? XD


If you wanted to be fancy you could make risotto. Its a little lengthy to explain but simple to make. All made in one pan too.

@SQUARENecron I assume he has a hotplate to go with the pan.


But what if you are listening to really long songs? Like Dark Passion Play? Its almost 15 minutes in total run time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t rely on listening to songs, memorise a series of songs for varying lengths of time you need to keep a note of and sing them :smiley:


Thanx for all of the ideas so far guys. Yeah I have a tiny electric thing to go with the pan @SQUARENecron. Does anyone have any good recipes for smoothies? I want to utalise this blender to its full potential


That’s student heaven right there.


Banana, blueberry and Strawberry with a touch of lime is my goto. Yum.