Looking For Dedicated Assault (PS4)


I am looking for an assault player to join a new competitive team I am building alongside @CptBoomBoom. We are looking for someone who can participate in hunts on a regular basis, and is skilled with two characters. You must also be from the U.S, due to time zones. Please leave a comment with your details below.


If you would like I can screw around with you guys until you find an assault for your team.


Sure, I think that’d be fun


Need an Assault? I could do that. PSN is s-hunty_1967. Send me a message when you need me. I’m already friends with Boom.


I didn’t think you’d be up for it, honestly.


What? Really?


I swear I saw that you already had a team


No dont take it the wrong way. It’s just I knew you said you didn’t want to be anything competitive.


I don’t.

@CptBoomBoom I’m actually up for it now. I really need to get my mind off things and start enjoying more stuff. I’ve been denying myself this for far too long.


Well I’m certainly not opposed to you being on the team. Would between 3 and 5 pm PST be ok for you?


5 and 7 my time work fine, except on Friday where I work at 5 to 10.


Are you available at those times?


generally that should be fine. What is shuntys time zone?


It sounds like he’s eastern time


That might be a little early for me.


I’m central time.


If you still need me for a sub or something, I’m either playing Evolve with my team,

or playing alone like monster.

Hit me up when ever I am online, which is usually every night 3-10 central


Will do!


I love that picture!


Thanks, I love it too.