Looking for casual/competitive players PC



My steam acc is Danji-dani-
I have played since release on ps4, 1-2 months ago on PC (eliting primary hunters atm…)

Since I lost some dumb games in “determing rank” stage i am looking for some fun casual/competitive people to play with. Hunt or custom games… Just want to play this game on a fun decent level, which is not possible atm.

Send me a request, cheers!



Just hit me with a request if you feel like it man (link is in me profile)


I already seem to have you in my friends list :slight_smile:


Add me as well, link in my profile. I’m not able to play much these days, but always find some time over the weekend.


Ah, never mind then :smile:


El_BeastroWW add me


Feel free to add me. I only play a couple of nights a week, but feel free to ask if I wanna play whenever I’m online when you’re about to play :slightly_smiling:

Always good to expand the Evolve repertoire that is my steam friends list.


Yup, I’m always up for one more guy to do customs with.
Steam link is in my profile.


I can play most days, preferably trapper and currently silver expert


hey what’s up add me if you want to !! i’m not that good but could always use buddies to improve with, i’m a silver skilled medic main but im cool with support and sometimes trapper too.

:medic: http://steamcommunity.com/id/emetbot/