Looking for Aussie and NZ players for Legacy- join our steam group!


Hey everyone, I’m looking for a bunch of NZ and AU (Oceania, basically) players so that I can build up a list of potentials for custom games, seeing as after September 3 that will be a necessity for anyone who wants to play the game at all.

If you’re an Evolve player who lives in Australia or New Zealand, the matchmaking experience probably sucks for you. It takes ages, and oftentimes you’ll need to play with people in other countries which means lag.
These issues will get worse when the servers shut down. Aussies and Kiwis alike will struggle to find matches and the quality of the game will never again be what it once was.

That’s where this group comes in.

Here, you can find nearby players to team up with to make custom matches so that you’re not left at the mercy of peer to peer matchmaking and a tiny playerbase. Invite your friends- the more of us there are, the easier it will get to find games, and find them consistently.

This group is our attempt to prolong the life of this beautiful game and let people play it the way it was meant to be played.

Please come join if you’re interested. I look forward to playing with you!


Joined! :slight_smile:


You might be better off in my group


I’ve joined that one too, thanks for setting it up. Just wanted to see if I could find locals too.