Looking for AUS / NZ PC Players


With current matchmaking very hit and miss (and lots of searching and spinning circles) I am looking to team up with any keen regulars out there to improve my skills, have some fun, and enjoy the team gameplay on offer.

Am very much into team members helping each other out and working together by focusing on class roles. I currently specialise in Support, though enjoy medic and trapper every now and then too. Not really into Monster but am trying to get better at it regardless.


We’ve got a Steam group set up to help players find others to play with or against.

If you’re interested take a look


If you want a challenge I can play you as monster. I think of my self as a pretty good monster.


I used to have that problem finding games in Australia. After switching my steam download server location to Los Angeles, I’ve always been able to find games, whether it is 3am in America or 3am in Australia. Once you make this switch in the settings menu, Steam must be restarted for the change to take effect. You get one or two bar ping, but very rarely have I felt any lag. From experience in other games, west coast USA to Australia causes a ping of around 180, which is very playable.

People in America also generally seem to have a better idea how to play, or maybe the larger player base means you have a higher chance of matching with quality players. I did join a game with Hong Kong players once, but language barrier aside they were even better than your average American team.


Cool. Thanks for the tip. I’m often online at some fairly random hours due to alternating rosters at work, so that might work out nicely.


I don’t think we are able to change region now ? aren’t we ? :neutral_face:


@MidnightRoses would know. Unfortunately I can’t confirm right now as my PC is out of action. :sob: :smile:

Edit: Wow, this is an old thread! Sigh, the memories from post launch… :blush: :wink:


@Karcharock @xija You can still change it via Steam but it has absolutely no effect, sadly.


sad, ive got nothing to say but to accept the fact :sleepy:


Best thing to do is just keep building your friends list. That’s been my fall back solution when I’m having trouble finding matches. :smile:


Changing region in Steam works again since few days ago. But I only tested in Skirmish.