Looking for any hunter team to play against and calling out the Developers "A-Team"


I achieved around level 28 or so on the Big Alpha playing the monster in a majority of the matches with out losing any games as the monster. I am looking for a good team of hunters to play against during the next beta (Jan 15-19th) on the Xbox One.

Also calling out the Developers “A-Team” of hunters, I feel confident enough I could hold my own against the developers.

This is just a friendly post, please no trolling and also looking for more people to play with (preferably with mics and over 21).

Feel free to add me and message me.
Xbox Gamertag: Bubble Boy14


challenge accepted me and my squad will play you when we all get on for the beta, just send me a message and we will set it up.


I dont have a team but im down to take on the challange feel free to add me and invite me if you ever need an extra player in your lobby my GT is Firstblood2621


Level 38 monster from big alpha if anyone is on PC thats up for it


I’m still looking for a competetive team I also participated in the big alpha and it got kinda boring winning every game as monster even though playing the monster is fun for me.


Im not sure if it’s the A-team but I know Maniacsquirrel has a team of devs that are very good, and they have been playing against streamers and atreaming themsleves, so they may be interested in versing you


I’d be down for that! I’ll add ye in a second. :smile:


I really think you bit off more than you can chew here, friend. You will be at a disadvantage right off the bat because of all the new maps you’ve never played on. Public matches are a whole different thing compared to a well-oiled, coordinated machine like the devs are.


I understand were your coming from and the fact that they have been playing the game pretty much every day for testing reason etc. But I consider my self an above average gamer and I know there’s a huge difference between a group of random people and a group that plays together.

I just want to play against the best or some of the best hunters to see were I rank as a monster player. There were matches were I would win under 5 minutes as a stage one monster, but keeping in mind this was just the game mode “Hunt”. I look forward to trying out the new game modes (Rescue, Nest, and Defend) and trying new strategies out, but I just look forward to playing against any team of hunters that feel confident in taking me down and especially playing against the Developers just to see were everyone ranks etc…

Again this post is just in good fun and looking for more players to play against.

Also as a reminder: I am looking for players (preferably over 21 and with mics) to play with as hunters, so feel free to add me and I should be back at my apartment and logging on my Xbox soon.

Xbox One GT: Bubble Boy14


Man the devs are no joke, Maniacsquirell and his team destroied every single streamer they went up against immediatly when the matches started, it wasn’t til they started going easy and playing around that some streamers held their own against them. They are awesome and i cant wait for the beta so I can train up to challange some of them on release.


@GentlemanSquirl take note. You and your boys are getting called out.


Oh dang! Hey we can totally play you. One problem, neither @Bambe, @draquo, @old_nick or I have Xbox ones! Also, I am terrible on a controller. If I could only figure out how to plug a Keyboard/mouse into a console!!

Our match making should be much better this weekend. So if you are still undefeated next week, we’ll work something out after launch to change that :smiley:


@Bubble_boy14 is going to get pwned.



TC, 1v1 me IRL.


Haha I understand @GentlemanSquirl, but hopefully we can work something out I would love to play y’all. Also hopefully I can stay undefeated this weekend too, but I’ll get back in touch with y’all soon after the weekend then.


I’m PC Monster player, if possible i’ll throw down the gauntlet in Bubble Boy’s name if he lets meh


While we’re on the subject of devs in the beta, @GentlemanSquirl are there any devs who DO own an Xbox1 or regularly play one, that will be playing in the beta, that we can challenge :smiley:?


I also want my chance to fight the Dev Team during the Beta!! sign me up on the challenge thread!


Will you be streaming/recording your games? I’d love to see a real Hunter team in action! Also, if you’re all on PC… I challenge you to a duel. Will be fun to get beaten by the Hunters for once. :wink:


Maybe we should setup an official challenge thread? I think we may stream the dev hunter matches if we can!

Also, I really don’t know who are the big at home console players. I may need to ask around.