Looking for an ESL Team Xbox One (North America)



I’m looking for an ESL team, I have excellent communication skills and a high level of understand the games mechanics. I would like to tryout ASAP and can be on anytime with a little notice. I have played since Beta and compitent in all classes/characters. Max level elite everything except tier 4 because I have been a little less active lately due to sorry public teams.

Message me on live and try me out H8 edHer o (no spaces).

I look forward to trying out.

As requested Support/Assult are my favorite classes.


What do you play? You should put your role preferences so teams know if you’d be a fit…


Well I’m extremely versatile and if given a “main” I would perform adequately and then some. I want to start playing tournaments and saying I only play support could make me miss a spot on a team looking for a medic even though I feel I can play it just as well.

I understand this may be hard to comprehend so I will say Support/Assult is my favorite or “Main” classes. A serious team should have no problem trying me out in any position, if I suck don’t play with me anymore.

A guy needs a chance to fail right?


Oh yeah don’t get me wrong, but part of how a lot of teams recruit is that they want you to be happy in your role. The team I am on has moved people around to fulfill roles. But most teams want to know what you prefer anyway!


I understand I’m just always the guy that says I will play what is left. I’m happy in any role they are all important. This game is a blast and I feel it can be the next major competitive game. One role not being used properly can lose the game. This isn’t COD where you can carry a weaker player.

So if anyone missed it I have the most fun with Support/Assult Lol