Looking for an Assault


The competitive team โ€˜Bayneโ€™ is looking for an assault to join the team. You just have to speak english well, have a decent microphone, and consider yourself good at the game. Anyone is elligeable for a tryout, and if youโ€™re actually not the best, we will teach you the ins and outs on the being the best assault! Contact the team leader on steam - 12meatherley, Or join our discord channel at (https://discord.gg/e68N8Aj) if you are interested in being part of the team!

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Hi ! :slight_smile:
Welcome to TRS forums! :smiley:
Hope you will have a great time with us and have lot of fun here :wink:
First of all go check the rules and guide about the forums to know how things work here :wink:

Now , iโ€™m recategorizing this thread to the Looking for member section so that it is easier to be found by those who are interested for groups like yours ^^

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Oh thank you, im new to forums! :slight_smile:

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No problem :smiley:
Next time check the category which could fit better your thread. Many people may look for threads by category and i wouldnโ€™t like to let this thread unseen :wink:

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No promises but I could give it a go. What time zone do you live in?


Iโ€™ve added your leader, Iโ€™m interested to try out!

  1. yes
  2. shit (as in response not adjective)

bayne right? i saw you guys at the HGL.


How much hours played each of you have?


400, 1200, 800


Yeah, we are training up :slight_smile:


BST for the leader so we go off that for training


Awesome man!