Looking for advice - How do you play Caira


Couldn’t find a topic close enough for my need. It’s not a OP-whine thread at least :wink:

I mainly play trapper and monster. Mastered Griffin but I wan’t to explore the spooky realm outside my comfort zone. The thing I am lest comfortable with is being the healer. I have two friends who mainly play medics in most games so they are competent and usually pick that roll. Anyway neither of them are really impressed by Caira. They don’t really see how to approach her kit so they practically abandoned her for Lazarus and Val. Lazy bums… Anyway!

Now I have tried to play medic some and I really am interested learning how to play her and what to think about when doing so.

I have for the most part taken damage reduction as perk. Helping the trapper at command with the Adrenaline boost when chasing the monster and when in combat I usually duo with the assault staying close to him and trying to 'nade him and me as much as possible and always trying to center myself for the healing wave to reach the majority of the party. I think this work well when we have Hank shielding us but without him I feel this strategy isn’t ideal.

I assure you that I move around as much as possible, double tapping jump for a vertical jet boost to evade the monster and to get a view of the battlefield etc/LOS to the teammates. Not just blindly follow the Assault’s red feet.

I am usually the one giving orders and coordinating the team as Griffin but I’m lacking when it come to keeping multiple teammates healed at the same time and being the one ordered around for heals. I usually just focus one the monster as Griffin and stop him/her in key movements and from travel freely.This multitasking is sort of alien for me. To many bars to fill with green healing juice.

Any tips and tactics you guys wanna share about playing the third tier healer to help me out convincing my friends Caira is a reliable choice? :smile:


Hi shaku hope this helps ya :slight_smile: i just posted it today has plenty of tips playing as Caira
and questions I’ll be happy to help ya , leave them in the comments if you need anything good luck out there , see ya in the Hunt