Looking for a YouTuber


So, some time ago (when Evolve just came out) I encountered a YouTube video where a guy was playing Goliath, but didn`t have a voice commentary, just text commentary where he was giving tips and explaining his moves. If you know what happened to his channel, or if he is still around I would really appreciate any information about that!
Thank you! :bucketuav:


Was he by chance Korean?


His commentary was in English :sweat_smile:


Nevermind then I knew a Korean youtuber who plays evolve and he puts up tips for the character he is playing


Not the person your looking for, but @deanimate has a YouTube channel called ‘Evolve Some Pie’. If your looking for some raw Goliath gameplay that may be a good place to check out.


Very unpopular channel, would have never found it myself, thank you!


oh yeah that youtuber never knew why he/she quit playing evolve


Sad :emetoh:


if the objective is to find information about Evovle gameplay and learn, there are plenty of youtubers who do the same… why not follow them ( including me, im such a sell out )

if your objective is to stalk him your on your own :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice passive aggressiveness wrapped in a ‘joke’…(reported)
The objective was clearly described in both title and a post
Would not want to carry on this pointless discussion with you, have a nice day


If you want tips I recommend @GrizzleMarine @deanimate @monkeybot @Poncha and @Peter_Austin on YouTube


@Peter_Austin ** :slight_smile:


the @po is @Poncha
my dick medic who likes to run slim :expressionless:


My team and myself are very in to the you tuber thing and we all pretty much specify in specific roles. (They are also VERY good at the game)

MonkeyBot (Support) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd5tCquO_1Up63a-Hq9soGw
Pete (Trapper) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEzuZHBVoSRkIdbip9s1hhw
Poncha (Medic) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7SHlcwNDvCMkrp30IBQ3Q
Deanimate (Monster [Only Goliath]) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpmnM64QeGx6Cm0hR7AsKSg

As for myself I play Assault but mainly updates to the game and I plan to add more tutorials very soon - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQyQU_iVXIwz3t7YqbRkERg


You might not remember me, but we played together today and you ragequit justifying with sensitivity problems :joy: . And yes, I am a subscriber of yours and a frequent commenter on your Twitch chat going by nickname ‘blackhearts_doubloon’


What about PhoenixEchelon? I’ve seen him a lot in Horse Toast scrims.


That pleb aint got the kudos, right @GrizzleMarine ? :joy:


Yeah, it fucked up somehow and I didn’t proof read. Fixed now though.


Oh yeah. I didn’t rage quit at all? I had a brand new mouse and like I said to you the sensitivity as expected with a new mouse was completely off for me to play so was dumb that I jumped in to a game. Then while I was tabbed out fixing it I got kicked for idle lol.


Phoenix is in the team but he has this thing about making accounts I don’t know why but yeah he is also a very good player