Looking for a very specific kind of Evolvideos


I am looking for Evolve videos that are played from the monster perspective (favoringly Goliath), without commentating, and high graphicquality. I looked at youtube (obviously) but didnt find any fast.
Do you guys know videos/Channels like that?


xD stage 1 no abilities video but it’s something haha.

@PeirsPryce 's video.


Thanks, but favoribly way more and more… lasting experiences. o.o


I only have a few without commentary. That being said, those that do have my commentary is more on design/game theory/structure and not just random comments.


Here’s mine, I have a couple up there;

Graphics on max, no commentary.

If you watch on Google Chrome, you get 60fps too.


Nice round! Even though the hunters lost I could see they were actually pretty good. The main problem for them was the location they picked to fight. The swamps are extremely annoying for hunters because of the high density of water that slows you down and interrupts heals/shields when you submerge … and ofc a stage 2 monster with full armor doesn’t help either.


Just curious: What makes you think they were good hunters? Even though he startled birds half game they were not able to pin him down until late stage 2, and got murdered horribly.


Just because you’re a good player/team does not mean it’s synonymous with not losing. Taken to an extreme, does a a tournament against the top 2 teams in the world mean that the team that loses are bad players?


Yes, they should uninstall and delete win32.exe


I take it you’re a console gamer, @Rctboy95?


I’m no peasant.


You are right, of course its not about losing, but this team lost in a not very graceful manner. Losing on t2 is one thing, but not finding / fighting a monster that is as loud and easy to follow as possible and get shredded at t2 without any chance is not excactly how i imagine very good teams. I mean its okay to be bad, or to lose, or even have a single game that just went really really bad, i just ask what Essen saw that makes him say that the Hunters were really good.


I don’t know Shiny.

I’m not insinuating anything here, but I’ve just seen my fair share of people who blast videos and nitpick the performances after the fact. I often say “Well yeah, hindsight is always 20/20, it’s a different thing to think on your feet as it is happening” I saw some great efforts between the Hunters in attempts to heal/protect one another, as well as decent mine placement by the Assault.

There are times I often think that a fully armored S2 monster could actually just brute force a win rather easily against the Hunters. (Traps aside), monsters are like the unstoppable force, capable of staying on a Hunter to death and shrugging off the others’ collective attacks while doing so. In that case, I would assume downing the Assault first would be paramount as his attacks wallop off the most health/armor, but it just seems like the cards become stacked against the Hunters at that point; and it’s a point that even good teams can’t always stop the Monster from getting to.

I hope that wasn’t offensive; I don’t mean it to be, but I’m just being crass about it. I’ve watched some Kraken footage and it’s amazing the amount of chaos he can casue, flying, throwing relentless ranged attacks, firing off screaming mines, vortexing Hunters away and blasting them with Lightning. Chaotic. But I guess that’s half the fun, too. :slight_smile:


Personally I think the hunter team were okay, but I was wondering why they weren’t on my trail half the time. When I evolved to stage 2, I was confused they didn’t show up until I’d finished evolving.

I’d like to note, I specifically went into this game thinking “I’m just going to keep moving”, I spent all my points in the mobility-based moves, and I had decided to not sneak as such, just see how I’d get on by moving quickly. I normally am careful around birds, etc, but as I wasn’t making any particular effort to be sneaky here, I just barged through them.

I think the hunters were good in combat, Markov lay down mines and lured me into them, Griffin managed to harpoon me as I was pursuing the fight, and Hank’s shielding was pretty good, and he lay down an orbital bombardment to try and protect Val. I think they lost the fight purely because Val happened to go down early and I decided to focus on her post-bombardment, to make sure she couldn’t be rescued. It was a fun game though.

Here’s a game of me playing Kraken for the very first time (the match starts at 2:05, I included the full thing of unlocking Kraken to show off his menu animations / tutorial for a friend);

And another where I’m terrible as Goliath;

I’ve got another 50-odd games recorded, I’ll look through and see if I’ve got any interesting monster matches that I can throw up for you.


Oh, just found a game I really enjoyed against a good set of hunters, I’ll upload it and post here when done.


Hey guys, I just got back from Vacation this morning, and can finally be a part of the community again. Unfortunately I do not probably have the kind of videos that are being looked for. The only really good close match I had happened while my capturing software went down for some reason.


Answering to @Shiny

Hunters shown good patterns during the battle phase.

  • They kept spread and on high ground (very few spots)

  • Support being heavy focused -> Medic does a quick fly-by Heal burst and tries to reposition after.
    Unfortunately shes gets a bit too much close for safety and gets exposed with no fuel left because of the previous flyby attempt.

  • Support tries to shield Medic but doesn’t make it in time. When medic is downed, Support does the right decision and uses OB to scare the monster away from the body.
    Too bad he did it too early! Monster took advantage of the mistake and finished off medic

  • Assault gets some good mine emplacements and when being focused uses shield on the last second.

  • Meanwhile Trapper sees the Monster busy with assault and takes the oportunity to ress Support.
    This is where they should had sacrifice assault to cloack and retreat! The team was super low with no medic, the fight was over.

  • They choose to keep on fighting and 1 second before you hit a Leap Smash on Support, The trapper pulls a super clutch long range harpoon!

The team has nothing left to use and dies. End result they took out all your armor even though they lost the medic very early on.

Apart from that, they had a really hard time dodging abilities due to water … and the monster had probably the best ability to fight in the swamp, a level 3 charge that ignores water slowdown effects and closes the distance super fast.


Most of the videos I uploaded are of Goliath:

I thought the above was a really fun, close game


Shameless plug for my playlists :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I’ve finally finished editing and uploading all 168 games I played during the Big Alpha. I’ve condensed them into class specific playlists, as well as a playlist with our 4 man premade that we made during the weekend and a playlist for the Raw Footage if you want to hear all the commentary between matches.

I do light commentary that explains mechanics of the game, why I do what I do, strategy, and general impressions on the game. As you can see, I focused mostly on the monsters, with medic and trapper being my 2 go to hunter classes.

Raw Footage - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqUvmOMmIOM&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1zEduQpYdJkYeg-jgYF5vnc (Note, that the first video was when the first Alpha started and the servers melted. There are only 3 games and you can hop straight to them in the description of the video)

Val (12 games) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSFJPmQjMe8&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1xS7Z2aAcbr4Vc58JVX-4kd

Laz (24 games) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyGvlYyU3j0&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1xyIpsJa4H4pNf3zn__dfCb

Hank (6 games) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnhFiPItmcc&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1wI7TpFdgoJZYCI8_jC5P7U1

Bucket (3 games) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_A-yr4EimQ&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1yHDpTolq1iYa-8SJgtFhf41

Maggie (12 games) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttG3_VvkiN4&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1x7DhtXy2Zub6Ra9xWjo5HT

Griffin (18 games) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MprNu8V4PW4&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1zsGsNFQUJXmE807hSIWs5-

Markov (9 games) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXlljVmXFsE&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1yFfnP79MIPmsu5ytkVoi-j

Hyde (3 games) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6fbRLIX1N0&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1ye2KDKxfk5VeXSXSeIo5ae

Goliath (32 games) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faXomEUAM7M&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1xSMrNw7PH8M4PwvzdUQNoW1

Kraken (48 games) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6deqnyXu-U&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1xa0_doxsn4f88TRupT5M1F

4 Man Premade (31 games) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w5YHz4B8tw&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1wTg0yqZhBHEdqPePsPkgGf2

Bonus video! Here is a video where I found a huge bug or hidden developer mode. @MacMan, @DamJess, @GentlemanSquirl, @SlabOMeat you might be interested in this one in particular.
Invisible Bug! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE1XdGq9030

I hope you enjoy the videos. As always, please feel free to give constructive criticism as I’ve only been doing these kinds of videos with games for about a month.


I’ve been slowly working my way through your playlists, @MaddCow, I think they’re gonna last me up until the beta ^.^

Some great matches in there, and I got a greater appreciation for Griffin (my least played in Alpha) from your videos… I’ll spend a bit more time as him on release l think.