Looking for a team for the DGL tournament


Hey everybody.
I know there is actualy a topic named “find Evovle players here” but due to the fact it’s pc ps4 and xBox one, and it’s mostly for people who wants to find players for playing when they want, and not only in a tournament or anything, i decided to create a new topic to find a team for this new dgl tournament.

I am a :monster: (Monster) player, actualy searching for a team to participate in this tournament. I can create one if 4 people are interessted in joining me, or i can join an existing team searching for a Monster player, (i am a really decent player, so i’ll be able to play any role, i just prefer Monster).

P.S. If you guys, who are reading this, are looking for a team too, but don’t want to join me, you still can post here, i’ll be more than happy to help you finding a team for the tournament with this topic.


My name is ActivePotato. Add me if you’re still looking.

I play Trapper


Okay ! Anybody else ?


My name is BluRage, The Filthiest Casual and I play medic. When is the tournament and like how good do we have to be xD


A filthy Casual would be my last choice for a tournament.


Yeah sorry, i want players who play a bit, for a tournament =s sorry =s


Look me up on steam steamcommunity.com/id/Yuraso_Rood/
i main support


My name is merely an inside joke between me and a few friends. No need to take it seriously. I was a part of the Alpha, Beta and have been playing Evolve for 12 hours. I’ve just started uni last week and that is why I haven’t racked that many hours. If you seriously don’t want me to play with ya that’s fine but at least hear me out alright :stuck_out_tongue:


All right i though you were a sort of auto kidding troll or i don’t know X)
Anyway even if you don’t have 50 hours on the game no problem i can add you and see how you play ^^


Stopdropnsponge play a lot great player assault x-box give me a shout


I’m down, ps4 mains support would love to play in a tournement style!


I’m sorry guys, this tournament is only PC =s