Looking for a team for 9/23/2015 [Xbox]


Hello to all,
My gamertag is G train 94, I play on the Xbox One and I am looking for a team. I live in Germany (I am a lost American lol) but would like to participate in this weekend friendly tournament. Please respond if at all interested, I usually play trapper, but am willing to play any class as I am familiar with them all.


Ich spiele gerne mit dir im Team!
I’d like to participate…who else is in? :smiley:


Zur zeit keine, du bist das erste so weit. Naja kriegen wir es hin irgendwie.
Is there anyone else you know who might want to play


I play mostly jack if interested


What’s up, Germans? I’m not German at all, but I’d like to play in the tournament. I can play whatever you need, I’m pretty decent.

I know I’m late to the show, but msg me if we’re gonna do this.


Ok sweet I will play medic,
G train 94 is my gt add me asap we still need a fifth


lol ok sounds good
G train 94 add me soon we still need a fifth for monster


you still on to play?


Anyone looking for teams for TRS community torunament should check here:


Yes just add me. XxELxBEASTROxX
I have a friend that’s ranked #2 kraken. But he only speaks Spanish haha


ok i added and that is totally cool
puedo hablar un poco también lol


Yeah, let’s do this!!
But as of now I can’t promise I will be there for the whole time. I’d prefer Support or Assault…
Can we still do this?


Yeah, I guess, I’m in!
But since no one responded for a few days, I can’t promise to be present for the whole time…but I’ll definitely try


trs I need help i cant check in


im looking for a team as well, message me here. I prefer trapper but can play support