Looking For A Solid Xbox One Team


Title says it all I’m looking for a good team on Xbox One. I’m number 1 in the world for support so I will really prefer to be a support. I’m usually always on and I’m looking for players to team up with. My gamertag is Fresh Ammo, feel free to message me.


Prepare to be spammed with millions of invites from everyone just wanting to play the game.

Seriously though, don’t fuss over whether or not somebody is “good”. I’d play as long as I had a team who at least had the jist(idea) of how to play and what their role does/can do.


Been trying to find a group myself. I can play any class. I sent you a message as well.

GT: Shwartznwalder


I can’t take you seriously with your profile picture…


Looking for a new team my team just got off.


Edited your topic. You set it for “Group”, when it really should have been set for “Group Members”.


I would like a team who wants to win and actually talks. I have added people who wanted to play and still did not talk!. everyone knows communication is key. GT - Dominus XCII add me up people


Hey boss man. I need a team also and I’m having the same trouble. I have duty all day and night tonight but tomorrow we play? Add me GT: DappySS send me a message and we talk this through


I am a team manager looking for a professional support player to fill our roster. We are a competitive team participating in multiple leagues and events. Please message me for further information if you are interested In a tryout.