Looking for a PS4 clan


Would like to find an active PS4 clan to play with. I main healer and have a mic. Not looking for hard core competitive but don’t mind a challenge or serious attitude alongside some all around fun game playing.


Im looking for the same add me same gamertag as my username


No clan support sorry


I realize there is no official clan support, but I assumed that there were clans or groups of some kind that regularly formed teams and played together?


Haha i can tell we will get along vcatov add me


nVDraK i was looking for the same lol


Hi guys, looking for a clan are we? Come and take a look at our clan site



Well looks like he beat me to it, but if you’re also interested you can PM me or refer to my previous post for information on my PS4/PC clan Nova.



Add me


Id psn: Clemen-tOfumaO-
Busco gente para hacer grupos de 4 preferiblemente españoles o de habla hispana,interesado agregarme