Looking for a Programmer


Hello all! I am currently working on a little project of mine for an experiment into the video game market. I can’t say anything about the game itself as we’re still getting through the details (we as in me and 2 other people), and there’s 1 very important role that needs to be filled.
We need a programmer!
There are many other things we need like animators, texture artists, etc., but the main thing we need now is a programmer so that we can get some prototypes and get some features worked in.
We’re still debating on what engine but it’ll probably either Unreal Engine, so let that effect you if it does.
Hope to see if any able minds will be able to help a small project like ours!

Also I won’t be paying anyone. :stuck_out_tongue:


Let the programmer decide :wink: - If he knows Unity he will do it with Unity. If he has knowledge in Cry Engine then he will do it with this Engine. The engine is just a tool for the programmer.

But coding is a hard job ^^


But we also won’t be able to pay a bunch of money if a certain engine costs money. :wink:

I didn’t say it wasn’t. :wink:


Well there goes 99% of the participants


Well you know, a high schooler has its cons.


Eh it’s just the harsh reality upon the world we live in my man. If you want to make money, ya gotta spend money


And to spend money you gotta have money. And to have money you gotta make money. And to make money you gotta spend money.
And then you go Communist.


No. You kick the communist in the crotch and steal his wallet xD


Details :smiley: . What means small? 2D? 3D? Sometimes games looking small but they still have over thousand lines of code.


It’ll be a first person game with multiplayer. I think that’s all I’ll say until the other 2 get back online.


I attempted to learn coding once. I was in a chair for 3 hours, my fingers were cramped, I wanted to destroy the computer and I hate life. Also the was like kids coding, such hard work


As a college programmer, this really isn’t a huge deal. A lot of people will still be interested, just to put something on their resume.


nice gl.

nvm bye.


Seems not like a small project…


Eh, IMO setting up multiplayer is easier than bothering with a decent AI.

Btw, if it’s just a project for fun then it’s fine, but if you plan on Greenlighting I would have offerd a percentage after breaking zero from the fee (at best).


Yeah I should have worded it better. There’s won’t be any payment during the development, but assuming it goes all the way and gets to Steam, then I would definitely like to pay the people who worked on it.


I know coding, but if I’m not getting paid, then shit. I make no money as it is.

As much as I’d like to help out, I can’t really spare anything for anyone these days. Living in Australia sucks.


Given you’re asking for a programmer to work 100% for free on a 3D FPS game with multiplayer, that’s a pretty big want. Not to mention you’ll also need modelers, map designers, concept artists, etcetera.

Even if you get all these people to agree to work 100% for free on a pretty large project you still need to pay the $200 entrance fee to even use Steam Greenlight and then you still have to pass through the checkpoint of making a game appear the slightest bit presentable.

Essentially what I’m saying is, you have a lot of roles to fill, that’s hard enough as it is but given that you also need them to work for free and on a relatively large project it’ll prove to be quite challenging. On top of all this your project needs to make $200 to even be worth the effort given you have to pay the Greenlight fee and even then you have to be backed by the community but to do that you’d have to have already invested significant man-power and time and effort into the project to make it presentable.

Then any profits you do make you have to split it amongst the team that spent their time working on it. So let’s just say you make a team, you work on it, and you get it greenlit, now let’s also say you made $800 off the game. Take away $200 and you’re left with $600, divide that among however many people are in the team, for sake of argument let’s just say there’s one per division so…

  • Concept Artist
  • Designer
  • Map Creator
  • Texturer
  • Programmer
  • You
  • Balance Team
  • QA

So with all that (I’m tired and those are all the divisions I can think of with my tired brain), that is seven divisions plus you, each division having one person so that is $600 divided by eight and you’re left with $75 per person. Now where I live minimum wage is $9 so that averages out to roughly 8 hours and 20 minutes of work. That would mean they’d practically work for what is likely multiple weeks on this project and get about as much pay as they would in a single standard work day at minimum wage with 20 minutes overtime.

Not impossible, just it will prove very difficult to get people to invest their time for free when there isn’t even a promise that there’ll be any sort of payoff. Plus that $200 has to come from somewhere.


Have two questions:
What role do you fill, do you make models or animate as an example?

Could you give us some more details about what game you have in mind?
Don’t be afraid of share your plan incase someone steals it, it’s very hard to steal just an idea.


I’m going to attempt to step up to level designer.

Hero based shooter set in the future (yes I know, another one). The basic idea is that the entire planet is in a mass riot. So there’s one side that consist of police, government services, etc., and the other side that is the rebel let’s like militia and prsoners.