Looking for a monster xb1

I’m looking for good monster to test my skills with

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If you are interested invite me gt CrimsonNight646

You got a team rarin to go?

Top 300 goliath, 750 kraken, 1k wraith. LMK im on Xbone

im number 82 behemoth steady climbing though

putcher fookin gt in yur deskriptshin if yu wan peeps 2 play wit yu skrub


Top 50 wraith and counting…

17 or 18 global with Goliath. 430 or so wins and 37 losses, most of which came way early in the game. Does anyone know if losing a particular day on Evac counts as a leader board loss? Like, if I win Evac 3 games to 2, do I get losses for those two games? Or is Evac one big match on the leader board, or not counted at all? Because I don’t remember losing 37 times.

Anyways I’m solid. Hit me up on XBL, GT is Cpt Roncodpiece