Looking for a Monster for our GB team


Looking for a solid monster to be on our team. We can skrim with you and see how you do! Leave you GT below(Xbox)


Will be home in about 2 and a half hours, Am good at all monsters


Have you played against organized teams before or just pubs? What time zone you in?


yeah, Ive fought quite a few premades who were quite a challenge but I havent lost a kraken match since my noob days and need a challenge EST


Nice. We are in central with on of our guy guys in EST I believe. We are typically not on until 6:30 or 7…is that for you?


in EST im on from 3:30 to 7 or 8 usually on warframe or evolve


GB team???


Yush sir haha


What does it mean lol.


Oh haha, It’s gamebattles.com…check it out


Wait so what is this? Is there like a league going on?


Game battles has been around since the halo 2 days haha. Its a place where you can make a team and play other teams on supported games…evolve is one of them. They are on the winter season 2015 right now. You can jump into the seasons at anytime. Check it out!


Oh well this is pretty cool. I’ll have to check it out.


What is your gamer tag? We can play alittle bit and see how ya do?!


Lol why not. Not really a monster player to be honest (pretty good though). More a medic/hunter. But I’m down.

“Me The Big Show” with the spaces.


We are looking for another hunter as well. Do you play trapper well by chance?


Lol probably my weakest position to be honest but I would say a play any hunter role pretty solid. Medic is just by far my best.


whats your GT?




fite me nd git rekt m8

I will be online in a couple hours…


What time zone you in?