Looking for a monster artist with a lot of free time


I’m figuring out a few custom monsters to go with my 10 custom hunter tiers. At the moment I’m not certain if I should use random images from the internet to try and illustrate them or if I should ask someone here to design them? Would anyone here be willing and able to design 10 monsters based on a few reference images and details I would send? I understand that its a big request, especially since I have no way of paying the artist, though I figured I might as well ask.


I’d like to but I do not have a lot of free time. Why not edit your forum post here with brief details of each monster…and that way maybe you can get a few designs from different artists that may want to contribute but can’t do all 10?


@Nemesis you might want to do this. At least do a few or one.


@xDaRkNeZzChAoSX After she finishes with Jack, she may be able to help


I was going to suggest Sledge, but @skills4u2envy and @Bot are also fantastic artists!


I figured I would ask first, before just giving random details. Im on mobile right now, but later when I have access to my computer ill give details and maybe a reference pic of one. I have loosely discussed them on my thread about the hunters (i am also not sure how to link that here)


The idea is that I only give a few required elements, then whoever draws it can use their own creativity to decide on the finer details.
The monster I’m gonna show first is the titan. It is a charging monster that does heavy damage through slower attacks. It needs to have:

  1. A battering ram type head
  2. A club tail
  3. 4 Legs
  4. A quadripedal stance with a short stocky build

As a reference:

Reference 2 and 3 dont have the tail, but the idea is clear enough.

I’m not expecting designs for all 3 evolution stages, just stage 3 would be great, and if anyone actually does do this I’m not expecting it do be museum quality, but I would like to ask for something more than a simple doodle, since quality is the main reason I’m asking artists instead of doing it myself on paint.


I finally found some time tomorrow to work on the pic for you lol
I’m pretty busy atm, too


hmm, I’m quite busy though.

…maybe I’ll do a quick one before I got to bed today.
Not promising anything.


I could try to make something for you. Does it need to be colored?



It doesnt need colour at all.

Thanx to everyone who said that they would do this i look forward to seeing everything, you guys are great.


I could probably do a few. However I would like to know when these would needed to be done by, to determine how much I can do. I enjoy doing briefs like this but do have a busy schedule would only be able to work on these during my spare time.


Ooh I can defintinteky think of quite a few possibilities with this. Two quick questions, is their a deadline and do you only want the final design or thumbnails and variants to chose from which can be developed into the finished product. The latter is generally how it’s done in preproduction.

Edit: I noticed you said bipedal, but all your references are quadripedal. Did you actually mean that or were thinking of something more like this?


All the time in the world, not gonna post them until the last member of t5 is released, if you are willing to send thumbnails as you go that would be great, but a final product is fine too, i want to give the artist as much space to work as possible. Also, i feel like an idiot right now, i was half asleep while righting that, i meant quadripedal, ill edit that. Sorry…


Quick question do the monsters have to stay within the limitations that the devs had when creating monsters? Namely the monster couldn’t have too long of a body due to animation conflicting with varied terrain.


Yes, im trying to stick to the in game limits with them and im trying to also keep them as humanoid as possible, which the devs said they want in every monster, though this specific monster, alongside maybe 2 others are a bit off from that.


I’m not sure the devs said their monsters needed to look similar to humans so much as that they needed to be easier to identify and relate to. Basically it meant that going for a more surreal abstract look made the monsters less life-like.


This is all I had time for, sorry. Won’t be able to help with any monster art before next week.


Let me know if I’m heading in the wrong direction. :stuck_out_tongue:


DAAAAYUM! Nicely done @Bot!