Looking for a group of three to play on PSN


Looking for a group of three to play on PSN now or sometime soon. Good with any role or character, send me an invite over PSN :Creation_Chaos


I like your thinking. Maybe soon.


So looking for a group right now again tonight. Thought I would repost in here instead of making a new one.


If youre interested in some evacuation rounds with me tonight…add me mclovin7871


Bump…Looking for group to play now anyone interested?


add me xino_zero


Ha lol so I didn’t plan on it but few friends hopped on like 5 mins ago. Will still add you if you like we can play in a bit if they hop off.


Yo busco gente española al poder ser,para echar unas partidas y sacar platino…interesados agregarme a ps4 iD Clemen-tOfumaO-


Still looking to play @xino_zero?


Seria para jugar en ps4…aunq ahora mismo estoy en el trabajo pero si para hacer alguna tarde o noche de finde semana de vicios echar unas partidas o ayudarnos en el platino
Id ps4: Clemen-tOfumaO-


…? :frowning:
I don’t understand sorry.


I messaged you on psn


change your doggy pic lol