Looking for a good team of Hunters


Just looking for a good team of hunters to play, have some casual fun that’s all. I’m just looking to see if i can handle myself against a good team of players (probably do horrible). I’m tired of playing in Pubs.

If you’re team is interested in playing the former #2 Goliath on XB1 hit me up.

GT- 0V3RD053 15
Leave your Gamertag here

Keep it casual and fun guys.


Hey I looked up your GT as posted. Couldn’t find it. Typo?


The O’s are zeros. I am able to play sometime tomorrow.


add me, I’m in the middle of finals but I should be back in two weeks


Still no luck. Next time you are on, just message me. GT SteelMan026.


We play tournaments.
Send me a message if you want to play against us sometime.


If you on tonight around 3 am est. We willing to play Gt- zoned out wb