Looking for a good gaming chair


I have Costochondritis and it hurts when sitting down on a normal gas-lift chair, so i’m looking for advice on a chair that can give me great comfort and within a budget of 200 to 300 euro so any suggestion?


Grab a good ol’ Yogibo chair.


DXRacer is an amazing chair set for gamers, if you have the money check it out.


Top brand for pro gamers, hardcore gamers and those who can afford them (:


Need 4 Seat.

Basically the same as dxracer but better looking imo.


They usually cost a bit, but going to a proper office chair place/website is a good bet. If possible, visit a physical shop so that you can sit in a chair and try it, and see if the different adjustment possibilities will make it better for your back. A good office chair shop will even help you adjust the chairs to best fit you (in a selling process, even before buying one), so you can really see if the chair is for you. After that you can of course see if you find the chair cheaper online, or google for used office supplies in your area. Companies are always going out of business, and there’s a surprising amount of shoppes that deal with used office chairs etc.

‘Gaming chairs’ are decent, but even the most expensive models tend to lack independent seat/back adjustment, as in being able to move the seat back and forth independent of the back - something you may need.

Looks identical to AK Racing chairs, just costing a lot more? Or AK Racing looks identical to DX, but cheaper :stuck_out_tongue: Not entirely sure if AK Racing is in US tho.


Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile: