Looking for a few more members to join our PC community

hey guys, were looking for a few more members to join our little pc community on steam, we definitly need monster players, we are almost all hunters. we will be participating in the community tourneys on the weekends and are a just a casual group looking to have fun and play evolve together. if you would like to join, send a friend request to me, Lamtheclam, or tayloe on steam. our group name “lamtheclan” we are looking for anybody who is good at playing and likes casual playing and participating in the community tourney!

I’ve added you!
I’m not interested in playing in community tournaments, but I’d be grateful for a premade team to play against, so I can git good agin

i never got an invite, whom did you send it to? cause im crimson_glaiver, the others might not know who you are

I’d definitely be interested in playing as monster, I just sent you a friend request and my steam name is Ranan

I’m game. Flying Scorpion on steam. I’m a monster main. I also put up youtube videos of myself playing as monster here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Boozbazz

I work on the weekends though so I can’t play in the tourneys. I’ve typically got tuesdays and thursdays off work.

I sent a request to Lamtheclam. Will now send one to crimson_glavier

Geo Location that you main from?

I’m in australia, I play monster

im in western usa, the rest are in eastern usa

cool ill accept it

umm sry i dont see anyone with that name on steam, did you perhaps change it?
or you could send me one

Hey I sent a couple invites from Harbinger, I’m pretty well rounded as everything. I do look forward to some cool people to play with, I lack friends that play evolve

Hi, I wanted to add you but I can´t find you on steam. I´m a monster player

Can you maybe add me?