Looking for a elite team


Gamertag TacklessBook160 I have over 290 hours of gameplay all of the characters mastered and have mastery with all of them looking too play competitively. Steam ID :tacklessbook160 no caps


if you are interested.


I’d highly recommend trying out for @Sioray’s team.


Thanks mate :slight_smile: btw you didn’t added me :frowning:


Sorry I’ve been up to my elbows in work and I can’t add friends on my mobile Steam app because it’s bugged. :unamused:


Ho its ok i’ll be waiting :smiley:


I think I found you. Success?


Succes man


Excellent. I’m looking forward to being demolished by a worthy foe! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds great :stuck_out_tongue:


Possibly with Behemoth too. We have, what, less than 24 hours now, am I correct?


You are :slight_smile:


I tried to add you on Steam to have more people to play with (also 40, all elites) but your Steam ID “tacklessbook160” didn’t come up with anything, or even “:tacklessbook160” (which I think was a typo).


Whoops my bad I’m new too steam my name is skoss_305 the other one I said was my username for login xD


Don’t add the : it was a typo my bad


still wrong.

Add your steam page or add me.