Looking For A Consistent Group

I’m looking to find a few people to play with on a more or less regular basis. I’ve been trying my luck with randoms in hunt, but it’s not really working out.
It’s pretty discouraging when you dome a stage one Kraken literally ten-fifteen times and your team still manages to let it get to stage three and demolish you. I mainly play with Maggie and Sunny, but I’m decent with everything, so I can take assault or medic if you’ve already got a good support and trapper. PSN is BigMoNsTeR6277

sign up and you will have your team in no time…

Hi i live this game and personally think I’m really skilled at he game, butI can’t seem to find good people to play with and it’s making me not wanting to play this immense game anymore! I mostly play hunters and I don’t mind playing as any.
Z I IBeAsTI I Z - gamertag Xbox one.
Only looking for casual games but I could join a clan if it’s the right one for me.
Always have my mic on, I just want to play as a team, since that’s what the games intentions are.

Sorry, I can’t help you. I’m on PS4. Good luck though