Looking for a Competitive Assault,


We are looking for an solid assault for our GB. We are all solids players as well. We are easy to get along with and like to have a good time while playing. We would like to try you out! :smile:

Throw you GT up and we will be in contact!

p.s. This is on Xbone


By our group’s calculations, Trappers are the most common, followed by Support.

Assaults are actually really rare.


According to MacMan’s official telemetry, Assault is the most popular class. And while there may be differences as per percentage of comp hunters who are Assault I imagine it’d be much the same. :slight_smile:


Hmm, I didn’t even know Assault was most popular. Everyone always got mad when they got assault, so I changed from trapper main. :smile:

But then I also play the least played Assault in the category.


Yes, you’re something of a hipster, Shin.


Assaults good for starting up since your goal of damage monster is simple, and because of that I think it gets a bit of a reputation as a Noob class. I like playing assault, playing chase the monster.


It’s a good class to step into the game with. But there is a difference between a skilled player, and a new player on assault. It’s harder than you think, if you plan to pull actual damage. And it’s also your job to rock block a Goliath at times. Your job isn’t just damage, it’s control.




Official telemetry thread. Just search “Telemetry”- it has like 4k posts. Start from the bottom. You’ll find it.


So no source? k


She just said Telemetry thread… MacMan is the source.


The thread with about 5k posts? Yeah I won’t scroll through that looking for that statement.


Look, if you’re too lazy to find it then have fun not knowing. :slight_smile: I’m not trawling through thousands of posts on my craptastic phone to spoonfeed you.


Then you don’t want the source, don’t ask if that’s the case. The information is there, you’re just too lazy to search. It should not be up to her to look for it, because you don’t want to. If you want the information, you now know how. Don’t expect everyone to do everything for you. I’m sure you’re old enough to do something alone.


And you are making made up statements without providing links to back it up.


She told you where to get it, go find it; it’s there.


Sorry this didn’t really concearn you, but thanks for the input.


You’re being lazy, and demanding a leader go find information for you; because you don’t want to do it. I think I’m allowed to reply to you on the public forums.


A “leader” should lead, should he not? Also it’s just a cheesy forum title, doesn’t make him better or more important than anything else no matter what you’d like to think.

Oh, P.S. Yes you are allowed to reply of course, as I am allowed to deny your reply since you added nothing to the conversation where someone makes claims and provides nothing but a “it’s here go find it”.


Go to the thread, look at the list of posters, click MacMan’s icon to filter out all other posts, and go to post 465.