Looking for a clan/group for Xbox one people


I’m looking for a group on xbox one my gamertag is X PokerChips X, message me either on here or on xbox if you are interested.


Add me crazycrisp I play medic


Ok I mainly like to be trapper or support but it doesn’t matter. Good to have a medic, I’ll add you.


Add me captiontom

I don’t play all day but Im normaly on for atleast an hour


add me guys Lovelyjarvis


Add me too. GT:SirNordqvist


Ok I’ll add you but I’ll be on around 3:00 eastern


Kiserkid - support and trapper


Ight cool.


Hit me when you need a support class. Gt- JLEG3NDARY XB1


Please add me I am on literally all day I was ranked number 9 wraith in world then my stuff reset…so now I’m a dedicated trapper. Gt is o familiar o


GT: turk mcgurk

Casual adult gamer looking to win but have fun as well

Check out gunslingergaming.com for a clan


Ok I’ll hit you up


Looking for a core group of friends to hunt with. And make into a core group. Have 2 of us already need 2 more. Gamer tag is same as on here. Add me we have medic and an assault/support


Looking for serious hunter group I play trapper Abe or support I was ranked 9 in world until I had my stuff reset… Need team now again plz. Gt is o familiar o I’ll be on 12 or more hours add me


We needs. Good medic we have everyone else. Good team send message. To gt o familiar o


Looking for a team too add me br0thority, I’ll play whatever class.


Add me “jmanperk”. Trying to find some good people with a mic to party up with.


I’m all up for playing with people that use mics!
GT: skills4u2envy


looking for players that are willing to help each other out.

Add me GT: NinjaPimp Cy