Looking for 8-bit monster designs


Hello community,

I am currently developing a small collection of perler bead art of all my favorite games/anime characters to decorate my office workspace with. I can provide a picture for anyone interested :smile:

Anyways, i feel my collection MUST have some evolve monsters. preferably Goliath and Behemoth, and maybe Kraken. So i was hoping someone could help me and provide me with some 8-bit designs of these monsters that can be used as a template. Please and thank you.

@SledgePainter, you seem to be very artistic and crafty. Could you maybe help with this?

UPDATE: Still no 8-bit designs of goliath or behemot. Any volunteers would be appreciated


I’ve done a lot of perler bead art, but am pretty bad with converting something into 8bit appearances. The artist that did this for the ILoveFine tee shirt contest would probably be awesome at it, but I don’t recall who designed this offhand.


Daaaammnnn those are pretty awesome!! I guess i will do some research and hunt this person down. Btw, since you do so much art stuff, you should consider selling stuff online. I just discovered the etsy site, and its great for buying/selling things.


I used to sell a lot, including on Etsy and Ebay. Occasionally I still do this, Etsy is awesome.


this game would have been sooo much fun at the arcade ^.^


Somebody make this a new IOS game!


This would be a fantastic IOS game.

Duel stick 8-bit shooter “Devolve”?

Take my money please.


@Mdk7 is the master mind behind the 8bit shirt. :slight_smile:


Thanks buddy!
Yeah, i made that, glad you guys dig my entry! :smiley:
And i would totally play a demake like that!


Can you send me a magnified version of each of the hunters I want to build them in minecraft😋


Yeah great job on those designs. Any chance i can get you to do one for goliath and behemoth? I wanna make it into a perler bead art.


Can u send me magnified versions of the hunters I wanna build them in minecraft😋


Please don’t spam comments. Thanks.


Sorry I just didn’t think he got the first comment so I sent another to him


He’ll have received a notification for it. :wink:


Your work is nice. ^.^


I’d love to do them (along with all the other characters) but unfortunately i have very little free time, so at the moment i don’t honestly think i will make it, sorry. :frowning:


I will take a few pics and post them here, ok! :slight_smile:


Thanks dude, i appreciate! :smiley:


This reminds me of the days… I used to make sprites for SS13… Good times.