Looking for 4th Hunter for Team eLevate (PC)


Hello TRS Forums,

You might know our team (Team eLevate) from games like CS:GO, CoD, BF4, World of Tanks, Halo, and TF2, and now we’re looking for a new member to be apart of our Evolve hunter squad!

Be 18 years of age or older.
Play on PC.
Have TeamSpeak.
Achieved Level 40.
Know all the elite wildlife buffs for both hunters and monsters.
Know the location of the major elite creatures on all the maps.
Able to communicate important information while on the hunt.
Understand when to shoot the monster and when not to.
Meet our level of understanding of the game’s mechanics.
Know how each hunter plays and keep a mental clock as to when abilities are on cool down.
Have a very high degree of accuracy.
Other things I can’t think of.
Take criticism well and adjust.

We are looking for a very well versed hunter player. We only play Sunday for the Evolve Go4Evolve Cups and most weekdays for practice. If you’re considering joining us, add me as a friend on Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/LeadMachine/) AND post a reply to this thread expressing your interest. I will be reading over this forum post regularly.

Team eLevate:


eLevate Lead


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Elite Hank/Elite Cabot player here…160 hours in game not counting Alpha.


Can vouch for these guys as one of the better teams out there I’ve been able to play against. Good luck to you guys in your search!


Was really interested but then realised it’s (most likely) NA only, so I can only wish you best of luck in your search


Added you on steam.

Very interested joining a competitive team to practice with and play in tournaments.

I’ve been maining trapper with a lot of Markov and Hank on the side, Markov being my “second main.” I meet all of the requirements listed and would love to chat.

You can reach me easily here, on steam, or on reddit (thevirindi).



Interested in playing with a solid team of hunters in tournaments and practice.
I fit all the requirements with an Elite Hank, nearly Elite Markov, and half Elite Cabot


Hey there, I meet the requirements mentioned above and would be interested in talking/playing with you. Clocked about 150 hours since launch and I’m experienced with both Hank and Cabot aswell (but a bit less) with Markov.
I’ve added you on Steam and will be easy to reach from there.

Cheers, Deave


Female Cabot/Hank player, though I medic as well. Solid map/elite perk awareness and communication skills. Also a match to the noted criteria. Been itching to really break into ESL League, and Evolve can hopefully scratch that itch. Added on Steam. OneTrickPony


My name is ghoham i have all maxed out characters and monsters know everything on each map main character is markov can play hank and cabot send a msg to me on xbox one to chat easier


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Gamertag TacklessBook160 have all characters mastered and have mastery with all of them and 290 hours of gameplay, no schedule invite me whenever (Xbox one) steam id: tacklessbook160


Oops sorry, it’s PC only. Updated with PC requirement.


Good luck man :slight_smile:


You guys still looking for a member?

330 hours currently.

I can play Medic, Assault, and Trapper well, with Support being my weakest role.

Wanted to get competitive Evolve play, just have had trouble getting a solid team, so if that’s what you’re offering, I’ll join in.

Steamname: SereN


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Hey there.

I added you on steam ;).

I can play Medic (good +), Support(good +), Trapper (good) and Assault (medium)

I want to play evolve competitively, I search a good team with which I can have fun and high level gameplay. Your team seem to be good with my criteria, that why i would like play with you guys ;).

Hope we can Chat more on steam :slight_smile: .

Steamname: Bloopis