Looking back in time (nostalgic talk)


i remember the first weeks after they released preorder and people in the forums were so hyped to see even a 1 single full evolve match video :smiley: i gathered all bits and pieces of video and information i could find online but my hunger couldnt stop. Then i was lucky enough to win one of the first 3 evolve signed gameinformers. I was so happy i could die in the moment! Anyway i would love for the old timers to come here and share these nostalgic memories with me in this post! ill just leave this here :wink:


Wow that’s awesome, what was in the big box? I assume more than the magazine.


The bottom right corner is bent.
That would bother the hell out of me. :stuck_out_tongue:


the box is actually a gamestop advertisement window box of evolve i got for free but for some reason i also took the box to the picture X3


yea i was sad about that too :(. im now holding it an box of its own and unreachable for human hands ;3 but sadly it came bent in the post :frowning: i guess its reasonable because it came overseas its still in good condition considering it came for US to Finland :3


I’ve just got an issue with stuff I collect being messed up. Even in the slightest. :smile:
I have the Skyrim map, I keep it hidden. O.o
Will never be used. ^.-



Omfg… I wouldn’t buy that pack.
How do they put 1 in sideways? Mindblowing stuff right there…