Looking Back at My Old Posts


[size=4]Yeah, cause 2 medics in 1 game is a thing[/size]
WOW. I decided to scroll all the way down to my first posts because I’m a smartass to look at my first posts. Oh the cringe…
Even though I’m still relatively new to the forums, it’s weird to see posts like this when I was a forum newb.

What are your reactions to your first posts? Were they extremely cringe? Were they so cringe you have to squint to look at them? Tell me below!


It’s really weird and offputting to see the different style of writing I used. It just doesn’t feel like my writing


Lol I was a jerk back then

For the record I now have A 39.10 w/l r with Behemoth


Um… Are you sure you are on the right thread?


Actually when I read back on my first posts about how retardedly designed a Monster Wraith is, I’m just here reading like “Hmmm, I know right? Fuck that Monster! Damn this guy knows what’s up.”


It took me 30m to scroll down it felt like O.o


You AND your phone needs to get some sleep.



We will both charge later in the morn


OH MY GOD. Charge your phone. DX

My old posts are virtually the same. Except I’m 20% more cooler now. Or 20% more delusional.


And 20% more shed-loving.


Looking back on one of mine:

Go die in a volcano, old-me, you chasecomp-endorsing piece of shit.

Also all the times where I closed or merged topics for various reasons?

Shut the fuck up Leader-Roses, ANARCHY FOREVER


O ho, this was back in 2014 when I first joined. This makes me throw up , actually this is my first post thread and the first time I talked to someone after lurking for so long. Reading this makes me just, >.> this doesn’t seem like me, I want to forget how bad my first posts were :sweat_smile:


Wtf did I say


I remember that I used to bump threads >_<


Well I love myself so whenever I look back at those posts I think they are just fantastic!


"Why must you leave with such vaguness? The small knowing must know of such thread to become the all knowing… vanishes"
You must have been a poet in another life.


I remember your old name, man that was back in the day .


Jeremy Giraud, my real name xD


These are my first few posts.

They mainly consist of puns. I don’t think I’ve changed all that much. :smile:


You Shear haven’t. : D

~Shot by a Tyrant.~