Looking 4 highly skilled hunter team


I play sunny or laz… Looking to fill all spots tho…
Don’t want a trapper that follows the monster… Preferably one that plays a roaming safety in center area of map and let’s monster run the edges until ready to trap…

Laz strategy is guard the bodies and protect laz until he can invisible…

Team that can avoid the monster in combat and doesn’t waste jet lack fuel on tiny bursts left and right instead of saving it for a big burst to get elevated… Just looking for a team that thinks outside the noob box and can work the map right while in pursuit and can use every team members ability ( I.e run to mines or support for cloak or through Maggie’s traps) during combat … My gt is o familiar o

Looking to put a practically professionally team together :wink:


And where are u from?




Id like to keep improving and find a nice group of people to squad up with. I like to play slim right now though.


Add me then. Much easier if everyone individual adds me instead of me every individual