Look who arrived 2 days ago


My new Taricha granulosa that’s who! Male and female, both eating and doing strong. Set-up:



And an extra photo of the male when I was un-boxing him:


Those are so cute!


I know! I love them!


I used to have 2 iguanas. Lizards are fun. I’m more of an ‘exotic’/non-traditional pet owner. I despise cats and dogs but love reptiles, birds and arachnids :slight_smile:


I don’t own Iguanas, (Too big for me) but my species list goes as follows: 1 Ambystoma mavitorium, 2 Taricha granulosa, 3 Notophthalmus viridescens, 1 Anolis carolinensis, 1 Ponga vitticeps, 2 Eublepharis macularius, 1 Hyla chrysoscelis, 3 Hyla cinerea, 2 Anaxyrus fowleri (Toadlets), and 3 shorkies (Yorkie and Shih-tzu mix)


Also, It’s okay if traditional pet-owners need to google the names


I want one.
Can I have one?


No, finally found some of these guys after 5 years, and had to trade my pair of five-lined skinks, which I had planned on breeding


…Aw. D:


It’s okay. May end up breeding these guys, so if I do (And it’s a really big if) I’ll but you on the future list


So Cute. I hv only a fat hamster and a dog who eat everything lol xD


Yeah, only thing is, these guys are well known for being EXTREEEEEEMLY toxic, and if you eat one or get the toxin in a cut or something, you could die. Easy to care for though, just really dangerous when stressed


O.O. OK im happy i habe a Hamster xD


Are those lizards used to humans? They seem pretty nonchalant.

I used to have a tiger(?) gecko and she would literally let me pet her. But I also had 2 of these assholes who would try to escape everytime I fed them, and literally bite the shit out of my hand when I stopped them:


I used to have a Crested Gecko named Green Leaf Gator (Don’t ask, I was a weird kid). He was adorable, and I had him for quite a few years. This is what he looked like.


Where’s the video?


That’s a green anole. Known for being entertaining pets simply because of their nature. I own one as well


Crested geckos are nice, something else I may consider getting soon. I love the colors


I could never find them when they were in their cage because it was set up like a jungle.


I have one, just takes a lot of data sending it to my computer