Look what I got in the mail!


Hello all! So I got this months loot crate in the mail today. Loot crates are little boxes I get monthly containing a plethora of cool themes items. This months theme was “Play” and it was board game like. Here’s what I got.

The box breaks down into a board game called “Crate Packing Simulator 2015”, and contained: a miniature PacMan poster, a book called Ready Player One, two die, a Hexbug Ant, a Munny World Vinyl Figure, a Loot Crate Pin, a “Crate Packing Simulator 2015” guide, and an interesting little card game called “Loot Crate Superfight”.

Superfight is kind of like Cards Against Humanity, only not as horrifically funny and funnily horrific. It’s basically choose a character, choose an attribute, argue about which character would win in a fight, win the others cards. However, while flipping through the cards, I think I found a few Evolve themed ones! Take a look.

The only one I’m really certain is Evolve themed is Goliath. However, we also have the Trapper and Carnivorous Plant cards, both things in Evolve. Than we have the Army Of Minions card, which applies to Defend. Orbital Bombardments could be Hank’s (Yol)Orbital Barrage, and the Leaping card could be like Goliath’s leaping. The Railgun card could be Cabot’s Railgun, although I doubt it. All in all pretty cool guys!



Pretty cool if that is the case :slight_smile:


That’s gotta be about evolve.


If Goliath could call orbitals. I’d be playing him all day err day.


If those are Evolve cards and they want to emulate Cards Against Humanity, maybe they’ll sell Glaciopod poop for Black Friday :smiley:


As soon as I read the Goliath Card I went searching for a Kraken or Wraith card, lol.


Do they have a Squid card or Cthulhu? I wonder if all of those loot crates got the same cards. Maybe someone does have a Kraken. It’s a hidden plot for a contest in which the first person to assemble all the collection wins… something… :smiley: Quick! To the Ebay mobile!


Now I want a carnivorous plant monster than controls minions.


This makes me think of Goliath wearing a general’s helmet, looking down binoculars to call a strike, while smoking a huge cigar.


No, each loot crate is somewhat different for each person who gets it. Certain specific items and cards and stuff. There’s also one “Golden Crate” that one lucky person gets with really special, rare, and valuable items.


Awesome to see a fellow Looter around these parts :wink:


Holy crap, I’m in the UK so my box takes ages to come, going to be so impressed if it’s got that Evolve themed SuperFight stuff in it!


Yaye! #Looters


Did you get the Pixelated Sunglasses in the last one? I love 'em.


aww yiss!

(bad hair month)



It’s okay, my hairs all messed up too, lol.


Those sunglasses are so kewl!


They sent you a cat? You lucky sod


Yeah but it came without the batteries. Cheap assholes.