LOOK at what I GOT!




Unrelated to Evolve, Make a Wish Foundation contacted my family and is sending us to HAWAII, Aulani Disney Resort, ALL EXPENSES PAID!!!!

I have never been so happy in my life

When I was in the hospital, I got the once in a lifetime chance to pick and customize shoes to anything I WANT!

I choose Evolve since it is one of my fav things ever!


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And what shoe size are you? Also are you a heavy sleeper?


10 1/12

nope/well kinda

why do you ask?


Perfect. So am I!

So uh… Address?


and uh Social Security Number?


These are bad ass!!! So the left shoe has a Goliath, and the right has the rubiks cube? That’s so awesome. :smile:


Woah man, I just want to steal your shoes. But… If you’re not going to use it you can pm me that as well.


RIGHT!!! HAHAHAHA I was put on the spot when the lady asked me what I want… First thing came to mind was EVOLVE. And Cube because I solved the damn thing in 29 seconds


Not a chance! I might maybe put it up for display in my house and not use it. Or I will show it off :wink:


You can have my social security number CptBoom!!! If it’s a matter of personal safety. It starts with 5, I’m not sure about the other numbers.


Wait… Isn’t that for uh terminal people?

Also is that lemongrass in that glass? Lol


well, I have Cystic Fibrosis which is a life threatening illness. Not that bad like Cancer but yea. If all goes well, cure will come soon, if not, I will say bye to you all in 15 years

ummmm well my mom loves decoration, its fake


Dude!! That’s so awesome!! So happy for you! :smiley:


Thank YOU!!!

How is Bucket doing? Treating you well? Tossing you in battle right? Not chucking you to your death?:stuck_out_tongue:


Oh. Bummer man. Hang in there though.

I’m not that sick (I guess. It’s hard to judge with my stuff) but I know what a bummer it can be to have something most people don’t understand. Speaking of which I go to the doc tomorrow. Hoping for good news.

I hope you continue to get good news as well.


Hey thx man, yea I was in the hospital for 2 months and now am home schooled. Nurse at school said I cannot return till next year :frowning:

Life am I right?


Those shoes are quality. It makes me happy seeing Make a Wish does more than trips to Florida.
I hope you the best :sunny:


Hahahah thx. I actually asked to go to Singapore but the weather is not suitable for me or my mother with severe asthma. So Hawaii was my next wish


Dude, I’m jealous.
Not for the life threatening illness, but for the shoes and vacation.

Wow that sounds a lot more duchey than I thought it would. I’m gonna go sit in the corner now.


HAHAHAH your good, thx