Longest time for a monster to evolve to stage 2?


My buddies and I play a lot of games tonight where in 9 out of 20 games, we had hunted the monster so hard, they couldn’t get to stage two until past eight minutes into the game.
I don’t know what’s the range time for a good monster to hit the next stage, I was just wondering if some of you folks could let me know. And they all vary between the three monsters too.

Basically they lose all their armor and a bar and a half of health every dome.

So whats a good time frame for a monster to evolve?


I usually get to Stage 2 in 3 mins, get armor, then stomp the Hunters.


I played a game where we chased the wraith for what seems like forever, and he ran for what seems like forever. Due to the long time period involved, I didn’t check the timer.


Do you run increase Feeding speed perk? That is kind of a fast time frame.
Any encounters?


I actually don’t use Feeding Speed. I use Damage Resistance so I can last in fights. As for encounters it depends on the Trapper with Maggie being the hardest thanks to Daisy. As for Griffin and Abe, I just sneak from the start. If it’s Maggie, I haul ass as far away as possible.


there was 1 min left when he got to stage 2

it was pretty annoying