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First of all, wanted to just say hi to the players and developers of Evolve. Been an awesome time playing this since launch on PS4, and I’m looking forward to what else is coming along down the road of T5 and beyond since I see some serious potential in terms of competitive gaming with Evolve. Yes, even in spite of some hiccups but regardless it’s nice to see the developers reaching out first hand at all, so shout out to the developers for that.

Couple things I was curious about in terms of potential ranked matchmaking since I know that’s been a topic that’s been discussed, yet never really approached due to the shifting playerbase and other items being addressed in terms of balance/fixes.

As a console player, and I know this is a long shot, but is there absolutely any way to make a setting for connecting ONLY with players that have mic capabilities or remove partial premades microphone isolation in console group party chats? It’s been incredibly frustrating not being able to collaborate with players since I’ve nitpicked apart my time in games with players mic’d up vs no microphones, and the success rate with a relatively full mic’d up team is pretty damn high up there (Especially when going against a well coordinated monster). Even in random groups it would be a nice way to stick to players that know this is a game that requires teamwork and communication instead of hoping to whatever celestial being that x team member knows what they are doing.

How can we punish negative players for quitting early/griefing/etc? This goes along the lines with a vote kick option as talked about which unfortunately is a double edged sword as the members in this community have discussed. Great, but abusable and ultimately more time spent for the developers to sort through. 3 strike policy system before banning/long term barring, especially for ranked matchmaking. Abuse is a questionable item, but if anything a disputable option since players can record and provide footage of said player being a pain in the neck or the contrary to prove innocence in case someone wants to abuse the kicking/reporting (which could be grounds for immediate 1 strike policy) Again, this would be a time consuming feature, but ultimately something that will probably need to be considered to keep a healthy playerbase that doesn’t have a regular go to team or group of friends that they regularly play with.

Again, sorry for the winded post, but figured why not post since I like to check through here for updates and feedback from the community. Hope to hear from others, and hope to play with some folks (Add me on PSN- calmsong). Happy hunting!

Everything you have said here has been said on atleast 5 different threads i can think of so the best you can do with us is just hope.

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Like Hal0 said, this has all been posted before. However, welcome to the forums, if I can be the first to say so :smile_cat:

Yup, just wasn’t sure if there was a central thread that would be open for revival. Either way, I’m still hopeful there will be some good news down the road. Just tired of some boneheads that’ve made the past few days of matches not enjoyable (as I’m sure plenty of others on here have dealt with :frowning: )

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