Long-haired female hunter: TRS plz make this happen


Hello, wonderful people.
What I’m going to is not to suggest some amazing/crazy ideas in general but ask for a specific detail instead. Dear devs, if there is any chance that you’re considering to make a female hunter with long-hair then I beg you to do so. I know there are a lot of troubles nowadays with such characters in video-games:

  1. In action based games long hair seems inpractical since in just gets in the way.
  2. It difficult to make long hair look nice in video games in general.
  3. Other things I forgot?
    Considering issues I mentioned the chances seeing a long-haired female in the Evolve are very slim but if there is any hope then please! Thank you for your attention.
    PS: fringe hairstyle is fine too. :heart_eyes:


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