Long Feedback


I just wanna leave a quick feedback about the game .
So i’ve been playing it for a few days now and what i find hmm made in wrong way ( Also many people i asked think the same way ) is that … [starting with hunters] As a hunter its way too easy to find the monster , the global tracking a lot of movement speed and everyone having dom (which makes easy to cut monster off ) just makes the monster getting caught in literally 30-35seconds after the beggining. The global scan i way too powerfull due to its low cooldown , the movement speed it gives and the fact each trapper has it (i might be wrong but i think most do)… Finding the monster is not a problem at all it takes 20 seconds to have it in line of sight or at least know its map position , and then it changes to a race game where monster doesnt need to care about leaving tracks being loud or anything else he can just run straight up and hunters chase him which i think is done wrong. Obviously thats my personal opinion but i think that this should be more about finding the monster and as a monster hiding going stealth hiding in bushes , i tried to play with friends without the global scanner and it was waaay more fun you could really feel like you’re tracking something checking where it left tracks or where it ate some wildlife . Then you gotta make the decision and predict where it’s going to be next . So continiuing with hunters , i saw some 1year old videos where you had to throw the dom into the sky or however did that work and i think thats actually awesome idea i dont know why would you change that , if you think that having it on trapper only is a big deal then give it to everyone but make it like it was as a granade as something you put not “hold f” i’ve been caught many times where for ex. i was playing gorgon and i flied over the hunters head and they didnt see me at all ( i asked them it was my friends) but the "hold f "popped out so they instantly pressed it and caught me where that shouldnt hapen . (…oh and i dont mean to change it in old way like [might be wrong here too i just saw videos] when you kill trapper then the dom dissapears , leave it like it is now thats perfect just if the dom was throwable or sth that would be awesome . [now about monsters] So as i said before going stealth/hiding on monster is totally useless right now because regardless of how stealth does the monster play the hunters have too many ways to find it very quickly . Maybe thats not the best example but i tried to go stealth from second one (from the spawn) and it took hunters ~~20 seconds to catch me which is very short time , i didnt even have time to eat 2 wildlifes and i already got into fight . Also hiding in bushes i feel like got nerfed a lot i think thats one of the funniest moments , sitting in bush and watching the hunter team passing by thats just so satisfying when you succes … but now again with the global tracking the trapper sees your outlines for few seconds and gets you anyway . Now the next part about monsters is that , obviously if they get caught so eaisly (30seconds or so ) they have no time to evolve ,well unless you’re wraith/gorgon but , because of that they get caught so eaisly and the fact they cant evolve you had to make em more powerfull so the games dont finish in 25seconds . which lead to that point where many skilled monsters wipe the enemies at stage 1 when they’re forced to fight so quickly , now imagine them menaging to get to stage 2 or even 3 . monsters on early stages of the game are way to powerfull in fights …well i think thats all

My Suggestions:
-Nerf global tracking (Maybe put it on highier colldown , or make trapper have a choice that he either sees the tracks of the monster or has the global tracking )
-Put the dom on a throwable/usable thing as a item in equipment . make it number 5 make everyone have it just you gotta change that "hold f "system because many times hunters catch the monster without having any idea he was there
…and if they miss the dom make the dom stay 10-15 seconds so the monster can have some bonus time for succesfully escaping the dom
-Nerf monster strenght at early stages , as i’ve said before catching monsters takes 30seconds but whats the point of catching it when at stage 1 its already nearly as strong as the hunters . at stage 2 its GG for the monster not even talkign about stage 3
-Make it more stealthy game more like playing Tracking/Hiding and less fighting thats my (and the people i know) opinion but that feels way more entertaining tracking and hiding than just fighting all over again

I think that’s it , im sorry for it being so long im also sorry for bad english i hope someone even reads it and yeah you’ll do with “my” ideas whatever you want i just wanted to share. ( im loving the game thats why i want it to become even better)
Thank you
- Nexou


Kappa hahahahah