Long delay in ticket reply


+20 Hours between ticket reply , unacceptable really. !

Pull your fingers out people, waiting for answers on a ticket of missing content that should have been available on day 1 ! , not waiting 3 days later.



Whats missing? Also, I believe ‘support tickets’ go to 2K and not TRS which is a different forum.


I think they are referring to 2k. I to have had a ticket in for that duration. But you are right this is not the correct forum to complain on. 2k forum is.


I posted here because Im pissed off waiting on 2K LACK OF RESPONSE. As to whats missing its my Tier 3 hunters and monster skins.

Yes I 've spoken to Game, 2K and Sony, and still waiting to get my DLC. ! by the time I get answers I will have unlocked them myself, Funny NOT. !


Again, what are you missing? Also, tone down please or I’ll close the thread. There is enough complaining already that we don’t need more. I understand you are frustrated, but what is it that you are missing?


Also what platform? For the most part this is a known issue that is being worked on.


Again, ALL TIER 3 CHARACTERS and Magma Skin on PS4 Ok!

Frustrated is putting it mildly. This just SHOULD NOT HAPPEN, PERIOD. !

off to bed now and tomorrow another day lol…


Did you unlock the T3 characters yet? None of the editions, outside of Beta XBone users and Amazon, have anything unlocked outside of T1. That being said, not sure about the Magma skins.


Magma skins unlocked for me as soon as I bought the season pass… I´m on Xbox1 though…


Like I said,

by the time I get answers I will have unlocked them myself, Funny NOT. !