Lone wolf mode ...for PVP players who dont want to party up


The more i play in a group with friends the more the 5th random person joins and complains we are a pre made.

So i would love to see a lone wolf mode where it is still PVP but no 1 can queue if they are in a party and no one can join that person from their friends list.


I can’t imagine something like that would be high on TRS list of things to implement since it’s not something that affects everyone every time. And it’s something that’s more pronounced during peak times.

A key objective of Evolve’s development is to minimize segmentation of the player base, which is why we have evacuation, skirmish and custom only.

More modes doesn’t necessarily equate to a better user experience and often result in unused modes or longer queue times


Well in a few weeks there will mostly be pre mades, which will make people who dont want to play in pre mades quit the game. So by not providing an option for them, they will lose the player all together… I have been in so many lobbies with people who rage because i am grouped with friends and they dont want to be monster.


That’s why you got preference system. Most of the time 5th players are those who have monster role №1 in priority list.


So you want TRS to use their time and make a mode nobody would ever play?
Great idea.


If that is true then why do so many people in the lobby complain about premades and not wanting to play monster?


I like a mode like this:

5 DAY HUNT MODE, for 5 lone player

each day the player switch class and 1 day play as the monster

Player 1

1 DAY Assault
2 DAY Support
3 DAY Medic
4 DAY Trapper
5 DAY Monster

Player 2

1 DAY Support
2 DAY Medic
3 DAY Trapper
4 DAY Monster
5 DAY Assault


each day you win as hunter you score 1 point

the day you play as the monster you can score :
1 point if win at stage 3
1.5 point if win stage 2
2 point if win stage 1

at the end of the 5 days the player with more points WIN the game


Never met those kind of people. If they don’t want to play the monster - let them leave the lobby.


No 4 person group would ever play against a real person if that existed. Why would any lone person choose to go into the normal matchmaking if there was a “only play against other single people” option?

You’d end up with longer wait times or less fill ins in both options.


Exactly this. It’s WAY easier for the monster to destroy pugs who probably aren’t talking than a team of 4 who have strategy and a plan. Those teams will be lucky if they ever find a match.


That is true, but i seem to run into people raging about premades every 4th or 5th player that joins, i was just trying to think of some way to fix it :frowning: