Lol Mortal Kombat X's problems are Evolve's Fault!


Lol I’m not gonna say anything, these are not my views just sharing something I found amusing.


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Meh, I don’t read things on sites with obnoxious full-page ads as soon as you load the link.



pre-order cancelled!





you could say this will hurt their… POCKETS!!! :sunglasses:





I Think I just lost brain cells from that.
DLC should not be a problem.
What is a problem Is Disk locked content.
Evolves DLC is expensive which is its only down side.
But since Turtle Rock Studios promises to support this game with more paid and free content
I will continue to support them

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If you got a bad day - just blame it on Evolve!



I find this funny just because Evolve’s day-1 DLC was hardly anything at all, yet it was blown up beyond all reasonable proportions. I didn’t mind DLC when it was the occasional character, map pack, whatever; but now DLC is beyond the simple extension of a game’s longevity and now plays a major role in the gameplay and community.

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I am blown away at the reaction people are having to this stuff. It is like everyone is all the sudden completely unfamiliar with accessory pricing models that exist on almost anything we buy!

You buy a razor, you don’t get a lifetime supply of blades!

You buy a phone, you still have to buy a case and screen protector and pay for apps.



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Just see how out of proportion this got, someone just didn’t understand the DLC model for Evolve (probably some cheap ass), and it started a negative rumour that grew rampant in negative steam reviews and was even picke up by lazy “journalists” to fill their reviews.

The steam thing in particular is pretty sad, because if you read those negative reviews that bring the game down and hurt its sales so much, you’ll understand that those people who wrote them never took time to either play the actual game nor try to understand the model.

The sad thing is there’s a lot of kids who want stuff to be free and refuse to pay for the games with whatever pocket money they make, they feel entitled to things, so it’s expected they’ll cry and complain when actual game companies try to sell them things (which is what they do). But for so many experienced people in the know, who have been part of the industry for years, to support these views? Frankly it gives me an even worse opinion on the so called ““gaming community””.

And of course, now they have big bad Evolve as an antecedent, to blame for any similar cases, and to fill their reviews. This is bad journalism, and IMHO this kind of things hurts “the gaming industry” more than companies selling additional content in DLCs and making it available in preorder bundles that make it cheaper for players.




The highlight of it all is that nothing Evolve is doing is in any shape or form worse than what Mortal Kombat here does, or any other major developer, yet the reporter has some amazing double vision that manages to put a barrier between the two. Stunning journalism.



Bad journalism is the biggest problem in the gaming community
other problems include bad design choices then lying when asked about those choices(Looking at you EA)
Disk locked content(not talking about place holder data. but actual disk locked content)

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DLC is not priced for non-customers (aka people that will never buy DLC). People that pay for DLC and are happy with their purchase(s) don’t go on various message boards whining about it