Lol at the thought process behind this challenge weekend


Dev 1: “We need a new challenge for this weekend. Should we do something somewhat fair with balanced, not buggy characters?”

Dev 2: “Hmmm…Maybe…or HOW ABOUT we take our two characters that have been complained about for months on the forums regarding both balance and severe bug issues and pit THEM against each other?”

Dev 1: “That’s a great idea! It fits right in with how we view our community as a joke but only a few people will actually get it! Brilliant!”

Dev 2: “I was actually just thinking **** em but that works too”

And then we had Laz vs Kraken challenge weekend.

I still enjoy the game, I just think this is hilariously bad decision making when there’s already a limelight on them for how slow bug fixes/patches are.

Here’s the edit to all the dumb sts that flagged this: Grow up, mature your mental attitude, learn to not just get fked in the a** by everyone you meet and then pretend it’s ok. Think for yourself.


@MaddCow Might want to watch this one

You have a point, but the challenges are meant to inspire people to play certain characters. Hopefully Laz bugs will be fixed soon, but maybe we’ll see some new love for him after this weekend event.


Yup. I’m sure that was the thought process. No…really. I’m sure.


What I think happened A long long time ago the voodoo skins and predator skins were made they said they should be free but given out on events that we have to beat.
they then planned all the challenges and when they’d be ahead of time.
So regardless of if they don’t like the unbalanced issue They are still going with schedule.


Yes, lets inspire people to play the already most played monster who also has the highest win rate, and lets inspire people to play a joke of a medic when compared to any of the other medics, who is now even more crippled by the fact that he cant use one of the best perks for him (reload speed) because Q&A missed something most players figured out their first game after the patch, and who is also hard countered by the monster we’re having everybody play against him.

More like they’re inspiring everybody to choose a character who will get wrecked by any semi-good monster, and wrecked even more by the one they want you to play.



lol at people who use the term lol.


Kappa 10char



It was probably more like:

Dev 1: What should we do for the challenge this weekend?
Dev 2: Well we did hunters last week so lets do a monster!
Dev 1: Sounds good, we only have one more monster skin to give out!
Dev 2: Awesome, we haven’t done a medic challenge yet so lets do that!

They seem to be in love with the second tier anyway, Griffin, Bucket, Hyde and Laz.
You’re just putting to much negative speculative edge on everything… It isn’t some conspiracy.


You had me at the end there.

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Is his upper jaw coming out?


Not sure I want to grind through free win games on my old fav char right now. Gave Kraken one match recently and it only confermed why I still don’t play Kraken. A character that broken isn’t fun.

Well hey atleast it’s not a goal that that needs reaching. Though I’m somewhat tempted to just go all out purely to make mr data analyst gag at the difference in ratios. Though I’ve also got a local furry convention this weekend humm. Decisions decisions.


The challenge sorta sucks with reload speed broken


I gotta agree lol


i quite like the challenges
imagine if they did a challenge and the prize at the end was the 5th monster or a couple new hunters.


well… that will never happen. the last challenges were nice in my opinion … but this one is just stupid because it is not a challenge at all… kraken will win and that’s it.


This is an abysmally stupid challenge. I’ll laugh later, but now I’m just annoyed.


Will this help? O.o

(I broke my sanity because of this gif yet again…)


I think that they made this event so that they could moniter exactly how the kraken and Laz bugs work.
But I guess I’ll be thrown out the window for that too. :wink: