Lol anyone else notice that slim does more damage than markov?


lol, in one side i have slim on my tail (inside the dome), did some damage, then i make some distance between me and slim (he is in a high area cliff as goliath not a good choice to chase him), and a markov is in front of me, and nope he isnt doing much compared to slim a moment ago

personally i wouldnt mind slim being an assault :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I find that t4 support and medic out dps assault reguarly.


If Slim is dealing more damage than Markov in same situation, i would feels sorry for the player controlling Markov. I do agree Slims damage is slightly high. But not THAT high, this is a learn to play issue on the Assault player.


I believe they are planning on nerfing slims dps, but that does sound like a bad assault


if anyone could do a side by side video of damage comparison between the 2, that would be awesome lol


Just head into Custom games, solo, offline, and try it. Defend is good- when your team is at the generator fighting minions, go find the Monster as he feeds and attack him as Slim. Then do it as Markov. You’ll see the massive difference. Slim does nowhere near as much damage as Markov.


can i pay you, in future cash, where cash doesnt exist in the future :smile:


Cash will always exist. The only way I can see money not existing is with humans not existing.


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I can see that happening. Now we have liquid 3D printers that build prosthetic limbs in minutes.

As for which side I’m on…Meh. We’ll see.


ok i made some observations it seems with slim vs markov’s lightning gun, slim has a slight advantage because of weak spots,

slim vs markov’s assault riffle, markovs wins but by a little >.> lol

well its official guys slim, buy to win lol jk ppl can still suck with slim


And ideally, you won’t want to be facetanking like that. If he focuses you, you’re being knocked around, can’t shoot, and you will die. Your healing won’t cut it like that.


most smart slims play like every other medic, stay in a high place and use spore gun when heading to heal team mates and return to a high area


And the dumb ones try to go head on. -_-


i’ve seen some pub slims face take pub goliaths before. But anything can happen in pubs I suppose.


None of the medic play the same. And if someone is playing Slim as Val, at a high vantage point at a long range i highly doubt you will be either a effective healer or a good damage dealer.

Likewise if Val is playing close and personal you are exposing yourself and losing out on a high vantage point to make it easier to shoot with her sniper toolkit.

And then you will be missing out on the whole purpose of Slim. Please don’t generalize all the medic as the same, sure some aspect might be close but none of them play the same.


i noticed that too >.< unless they have T4 assault that is :grin:

  1. every good medic should stay in a high area (check), 2. medic should communicate with support to watch his back (check). 3. i honestly believe medics have the same tatics to keep their distance and stay in a high area :wink:


I disagree. Slim is best played in medium to close range and the closer you can get without being attacked the better.

The amount of healing Slim can pull out when being close to the monster is insane and it is in a large radius as well.
One heal burst every two shot is what i usual achieve when unfocused and in close range.

When staying at range i can not even come close to those values.