Logo makers


So I was curious do anybody on the forums make logos?

I’d kinda like one that screams “kiNg OwL” so I don’t gotta change my avatar every 3 months ;-;


Owl face, 1 colour sill. with a purple crown


I do. Did you have something specific in mind?


Giyf … :wink:
Just a quick suggestion


Any good?


seen those before I wasn’t so big on them.

@seedsy seems like a good idea I’m not so singular color tho

@TheTroon probably something like seeds just discribed but more color maybe a KO on it dunno really


Try these? How do you like them?


I’ve done some graphic design work in the past, but I don’t have time ATM to make anything.

This is a cool illustration from “itemb” on DeviantArt though


how 2 contact this guy I like his idea

and @Deity_Pharaoh I liked the last one


I can make something, but it be more corporate like a business logo rather than a youtube/twitch profile pic.
So it’d be simple and one or two colors.

Basically what I’m saying is I know how to use adobe illustrator and what makes a simple logo good.


While we’re on the topic, just use my pic and add a crown lol


Can I get one made too? Like multiple elementals together. Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Ice. Google images didn’t yield anything I liked.


I wouldn’t mind seeing what you’ve done


I’ll have to pull stuff up when I get to my desktop. If you remember any of my profile pictures, I’ve drawn all of them myself.
Except my current one, that’s just the :sunny: emoji


Yay, I found one you kinda like!
I’m gonna find one you love, I’m determined.


Maybe add a bit more description. I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time on something going in the wrong direction.


Like a sort of action pose. Each element in a cardinal direction. Lightning would be in the back posing up. Should look kinda like a storm cloud creature. Ice should take some inspiration from regice from pokemon, as it would be made of icicles. It should be posing to the left. Earth can be rocky, but I’d like it to have some green on it, like its body is covered in dirt. Should be the bulkiest and pose to the right. Fire will be right in the middle, in front of lightning, posing forward. Should be on fire in some way, and not a lava creature. Each should be humanoid and bipedal. Their heads can be a part of their bodies, meaning they don’t have to have a neck. They should have no face, unless you want to give them each a different number of eyes.




oooo you think you can make an owl with a crown? they look nice and simple


I’ll work on it :sunny: