Logitech gear support is quite poor


As some of you might know, Evolve has support for logitech G gear.

This means that it will change the color of your backlighting to the color of the class you’re playing and it will display info on the LCD.

Sadly, it feels like an intern spent an afternoon on this support back in the alpha and nobody ever looked at it again.
Color changing works only for devices with full RBG backlighting. For the mice/keyboards without full RGB, the backlighting will simply turn off if the color isn’t compatible. (No experience with this myself, but I’ve seen numerous people complain about it so far).

There should be an option to turn off this backlighting change, since even turning it off in the logitech settings does not stop Evolve from doing so.

Next up, keyboard LCD support. I have a G19 which has a small full color LCD on it. Evolve uses this display. For what? For literally only the match timer in white on a black background. That’s it!
No graphics, no other info. Only the match timer.
Even the alpha had more on the LCD! (it would draw a gradient on the display with your class color, which no longer happens since the beta). I expected that this was just a proof of concept thing and that release would have proper support.

Did TRS just forget about implementing the support for logitech G products or do they simply not care? Because at the moment it’s not useful at all and even annoying to some.

Some ideas on how to make the G19 LCD useful in-game:

  • Display health always. This would help since the on-screen health indicators disappear on a regular basis (like when you accomplished something, feels like a punishment this way if you play medic)
  • Display the minimap. It would be tiny, but useful!
  • Display more info about the game itself, like monster stage (especially useful when latejoining), egg status, survivor status… So much info is available which isn’t displayed, why isn’t it?

Of course, you can’t display all at once. But even filling up the LCD with 4 big health bars would be better than the current usage.


I’ve literally not been playing the game because of this and really hope I cant get a refund. I really do not like how the game is taking control of my KB and mouse in this way and going around the actual logitech software that supports it. It ends up creating a eye sore that I have to constantly correct. Not to mention that my mouse cursor vanishes at the end of every match.

I’ve spent more time trying to fix this issue over actually playing the actual game.


The mouse cursor is apparently a steam overlay problem. I’m having the same issue with my Razer mouse and a lot more people report it.

To get back your mouse cursor, simply open and close the steam overlay until it appears. Usually takes 3-5 times for me.


Ah good to know, thanks!

Now if they can just stop controlling my logitech lights then I’d be ok!!! @#(%@(#!#%) Because I don’t set my KB to max brightness for a reason TrutleRock… It hurts my eyes. So unless your intention to to constantly try to blind me then please disable this.


Same problem here, my keyboard keeps turning off, very annoying.