Logitech g13 joystick



I cannot configure my analog joystick to play evolve. I was able to play with xbox 360 controller (on a pc) but now I am not able to do the same with G13

I managed to use it configuring wasd on the joystick but it’s not the same :smile:

Please advice



I can help you get it setup on PC as I use a G13 as well. What Operation System are you using? You can contact me on Steam if you like for direct chat, but otherwise here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Make sure your in-game settings are for Keyboard and Mouse and do not register the G13 as a controller – this happens because the Joystick function is registered as a controller in Devices and Prints in Windows 7.

  2. Make sure you’ve properly setup a control settings for the game you are playing via the Logitech Gaming Software. This helps tremendously.


Thanks for your help

I am using Windows 8.1 at the moment. How do I register/unregister the G13 as a controller? I have no idea how to do (or undo) this.

About 2, G13 knows when I run Evolve and puts the proper profile