Logitech ARX Control and ROCCAT Power-Grid - Evolves support of "2nd screen"


I feel, like I’m bringing those niche “ideas” or “wants”, but I’m just an enthusiast, so here goes another one.

Any possibility, that Evolve would support any or both of those things?

For those who don’t know, it’s a “2nd screen” experience. We saw how MS was trying to force their SmartGlass idea on people, i think 2-3 E3 ago, and it really didn’t work well, but, just like Kinect, or any other device that is new, it needs many iterations and variations from many people, and to be honest, as much as sometimes it doesn’t make sense, execution is the problem 99% of time, not the idea. So yeah, and you can quote me on that, IF Kinect would work as shown the first time, everybody would love it, but it wasn’t and that’s why we hate on it so much. Anyhow, back to the topic.

The reason I’m asking is this, when I was playing one of the alphas of Evolve, my keyboard (G510) turned the color under all keys to red and i think that the display on that keyboard, showed Evolve game as a profile. My guess is there is something to it, can anybody from development team ask around the office?


Lol smart glass is awesome. I use it all the time…