Logistic help for game giveaways


I just posted this on Reddit and thought I’d ask it here as well, since I know a few of you are into streaming.

This is my first year doing Extra Life. So far, fundraising has been an interesting experience. For the big event, I’m hoping to somehow meet my $500 goal. I plan to stream gameplay and see what will come of it.

My question is this: how do I conduct giveaways while also playing games? I’ve got a ton of Steam keys for games, plus some other physical items. I’m trying to figure out the best way to have people enter a raffle, have winners randomly selected, and then actually get the prize to the person. Seems like this will be difficult if I’m busy playing video games.

I probably should’ve thought of this earlier, but as I said, this is my first year so I’m kinda learning as I go. If anyone has advice, I’d love to hear it.


On twitch you can randomly select a user that is following or anyone that answered a question correctly in chat ( not 100% sure but saw someone doing this.)


I don’t know much about this sort of thing, but you could ask people to either send you a question or something, like the livestreams, via Twitter or your email. If you have a spare pair of hands, you can get them to put all the questions w/ their emails into a randomiser to pick a winner. Just my thoughts.


It depends on if you want to use the giveaways to show support for fans, or help increase your subscribers watching you. If it’s the former, I recommend that you pull someone who commented on your video (Twitchtv auto saves streams for 14 days so you can always go back and review without having to take time away from gaming) and give them out at certain hours. Just be sure to remind people to leave a comment/message to be in the pool. The latter option could be based on those who subscribe to you instead of just a message in chat/private message. One helps build loyalty, the other will help build your subscribers.


On Twitch you can use bots. You can use Nightbot to setup random raffles with your chatting viewers.

Other bots work as well, but I have no idea how they work. I haven’t tried them out.


Ya, I don’t know much about their bots either, but I do see them being used a lot.


Raffle bots? Very interesting. I’ll have to check that out. My main goal for giveaways is to entice people to donate. I don’t care much about getting subscribers, as I don’t plan to stream regularly enough to warrant a sub (although I certainly won’t argue with anyone who does sub). But I figure people will be more likely to throw a couple bucks at the fundraiser if there’s a chance they can get something back other than good karma and the happy feeling you get by helping sick children. :wink:


Did you mean sick feeling you get for helping happy children? :stuck_out_tongue:


Now a days, people mostly use Bots, which most have touched based on here.

Partners get some better giveaway mode options but as of now with the recent loss of a GREAT plugin for giveaways, we are forced back into using bots mostly or places like random.org for our giveaways while live.

Sadly, the plugin no longer works that everyone used and work flawlessly. It would pick people who were active in chat and such.

If I’m ever on Steam Tommy, you can hit me up and I can show you how some of the bots are used in conjunction with raffles, and drawing names for them and such. Otherwise nightdev’s homepage has some good information on there about it all


While this is in a Hearthstone forum, the author explains how to properly use giveaways during a live stream. One of the best written guides I have seen.


Very interesting read! I’ll have to check out the Google Chrome plugin and see if it does more than the bots. One thing they mentioned that I never thought of was having the stream actually show the person doing the raffle (i.e. so people can see who was chosen at random, not just me telling them who was chosen).

I am a bit worried that there won’t be anyone in chat. Kinda silly to do a giveaway if there’s only one or two people in the chat. Also, I’m not sure whether to make a donation necessary… What do you guys think? Should I set a minimum donation to be allowed in the raffle in order to make sure I get some return on my investment (by “I” I mean the charity, of course), or should I just hope that people will want to donate if I’m giving away free stuff?


I think that unless you’re already planning on a minimum of 50 people watching the whole time, don’t require a donation to win. The raffle is an incentive for people to watch. Which, corresponds to people learning about your cause.


Unless you have a large following, having a pay wall is a bad way to try and raise awareness and funds.